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Kyoto… the center of Japanese traditional culture. The culture of Kyoto cuisine was nurtured over a period of more than one thousand years, featuring freshly harvested ingredients unique to each of the four distinctive seasons. Each and every ingredient has been carefully picked, preserving harmony with nature. The pursuit of Kyoto cuisine continues to serve food which is delectably and esthetically pleasing, while at the same time promoting good health. 

Kobe… where western culture was first adopted in Japan. Kobe flourished for many years as an outer harbor for Kyoto. With the fusion of Western and Japanese cultures, Kobe produced plenty of new food culture. Kobe beef has become an acclaimed term to express superbly tender delicious beef. The owner, Toshiyuki Hirata, was raised in Kobe, and has successfully fused Japanese cuisine and American food culture at Seasons of Japan.

As indicated by the name, you can enjoy fresh seasonal ingredients prepared with Japanese cuisine techniques. You’ll love the Teriyaki Chicken with its eye-opening delicious sauce, Angus beef that rivals and even surpasses Kobe beef, and Sautéed Prawns with our original white sauce. Each and every item served at Seasons of Japan is uniquely and delicately prepared with a special twist. It took no time for the restaurant to gain popularity on the East Coast.

In 1997, I made my personal commitment to “Farm to Table” making it my lifework. My journey with the food industry began when I was first transferred alone to the U.S. from Japan, launching a snack food company. I produced Snapeacrisps and successfully introduced the product in the U.S., establishing a production plant in Napa, the Mecca of food culture in North America. Napa transforms its natural beauty, season after season. I realized that Napa offers the beauty of the four distinctive seasons just like Japan, and my wish to share the bounty of nature with many more people continued to expand over time.

In 2011, Seasons of Japan owner Hirata and I met serendipitously for the first time in Napa. We hit it off so well on the golf course surrounded by vineyards, that we continued our conversation about the philosophy of life over a superb wine. I told Mr. Hirata, “I would love to open up Seasons of Japan in the Bay Area”. Mr. Hirata was touched by my earnest desire, and responded, “Let’s collaborate together and create a Seasons of Japan that will appeal to people in the Bay Area!” 

Now, with the inception of Seasons of Japan San Francisco LLC, this restaurant with its unique cuisine is realized with the close collaboration between the two of us. I am excited to introduce to you the first Seasons of Japan in the Bay Area, opening in Berkley in December 2013.

We, at Seasons of Japan, are committed to serving you the utmost of our knowledge and skills, always keeping to what is Natural, Healthy, and Delicious, while offering a friendly, casual space at reasonable prices. 


Season's of Japan 

2122 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

Phone Number: (510) 900-3050

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